Protasco Berhad is committed to preserve the interests of its clients, employees, shareholders and society, through  practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).We subscribe to the principles of sustainable development  and continuously seek to identify opportunities to maximise positive impacts of our activities to our employees, the environment and community at large


We believe that as a Group, our main assets are the talents and skills of the people we employ. The Group’s policy is to attract, retain and motivate employees and encourages their contribution and development. Appropriate career paths, succession planning and internal recognition programmes are developed for both technical and non-technical staff. Employees are provided with numerous learningand development opportunities to fulfill their potential. These development opportunities are structured to align with our organisational needs and objectives and to assist employees’ career aspirations. At various subsidiaries of the Group, budgets are allocated for staff activities of their own choice. This way, camaraderie between members of departments is encouraged. The Group also provides a Ringgit for Ringgit contribution to the Protasco Welfare Club subscription fee. This allows for better club initiatives and encourages staff participation. The club organises sporting, recreational, charitable activities and also health screening programmes for its members. Knowledge sharing has always been practised as part of the Group’s work culture. Sharing sessions, public lectures as well as skills programmes and language classes are conducted for the employees. The Protasco i-Portal, a platform to access and share information and communicate among employees, is continuously being improved.


We seek to improve the role we play in the community, integrating their needs into our operations for the betterment of society. With our strength in various aspects of infrastructure, we have pledged a strong commitment towards providing education to the community through establishment of the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). IUKL continues to improve the quality of its programmes to contribute to the community and the nation. Excellent students continue to be rewarded with fee waiver on their following semester’s tuition fees. This practice had been put in place as the University understands that with recognition and reward for hard work, students will be encouraged to strive even harder for personal success. For the less fortunate, regular visits to welfare homes for the young and elderly are organised. The Group takes the opportunity to provide them with contributions in cash and kind to alleviate some of their hardship. On an annual basis, a selected orphanage will be treated to the Group’s breaking of fast feast held during the month of Ramadhan.


Commitment towards preserving the environment has been weaved into the Protasco Group’s business practices from the beginning of its establishment. This is apparent from the very nature of its business as an engineering solutions provider, particularly in road maintenance and construction; geotechnical services and property development. In road maintenance, the Group advocates environmentally sustainable practices by utilising the Cold-In- Place-Recycling Technology (CIPR). Its geotechnical services particularly in the treatment of slopes, encourage the use of environment friendly techniques such as the soil confinement systems that promotes the growth of vegetation, therefore keeping a balance in the ecosystem. The Group’s De Centrum Mall is working towards Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) certification. The mall will improve energy consumption by optimising the orientation of the building, minimising solar heat gain and harvesting natural lighting. Its innovative roof design will promote the use of natural ventilation, while water harvesting and water saving systems will further reduce the future shopping centre’s carbon footprint.